Costa Rica Freediving Retreat - March 2024
Costa Rica Freediving Retreat - March 2024
Costa Rica Freediving Retreat - March 2024
Costa Rica Freediving Retreat - March 2024
Costa Rica Freediving Retreat - March 2024

Costa Rica Freediving Retreat - March 2024

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March 16-22, 2024


Costa Rica, the land of Pura Vida, is an incredible tropical destination that is teeming with life. We will be going towards the end of the dry season, which ensures the water will be at its clearest while also being on the warmer side. This is also leading up to peak surf season in Costa Rica, so there will be opportunities to catch some great waves, in addition to deep dives and big fish!

We will be taking advantage of the incredible crew and facilities at Rica Freedivers. They have a full freediving training center including a shop, a gym, and an awesome crew.

This is a perfect opportunity to upgrade your certification level, cost is included for W1 and W2 classes! If you want to upgrade to W3 there are a few additional sessions and requirements so it would be an additional $200. 

On training days, we will take the boat out for a morning session and will have the afternoon for additional theory, video review, dry exercises, stretching, workouts, whatever you desire. Taking a block of time like this to focus on your freediving, especially with ideal conditions and knowledgable instructors there to help you along, is an absolute game changer. These types of trips will permanently level up your freediving ability. But of course, we have to have time for fun too!

In the afternoons, you will have the option to go on a local spearfishing expedition (cost is not included). More than that, we have built in a couple of expedition days as well. One is to an offshore pinnacle where massive schools of fish congregate, from the top of the pinnacle at 30m all the way up to 8m depth. The other expedition day we have is to Cano Island, a dreamy offshore island and biological reserve that can carry every type of marine animal you could ever want to see! (Within reason, I don't want to hear complaints that we didn't see Penguins!)

Every dive you have on this trip will be under the careful eyes of a professional instructor who is ensuring your safety, providing encouragement, and tips and tricks to make your dives easier and more enjoyable.

We will also have Nathan Minatta coming with us for all of your photography and videography needs. If you would like to purchase photos from him, videos, or even have him make an edit for you, you can do so at additional cost. This should be arranged ahead of time to make sure he is focusing on you throughout the trip.

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March 15: Fly to Costa Rica

March 16: Open Water Training Day

March 17: Open Water Training Day

March 18: Excursion day! Spearfishing at offshore pinnacle

March 19: Rest day

March 20: Open Water Training Day

March 21: Open Water Training Day

March 22: Excursion day! Ocean Safari at Cano Island

March 23: Travel home


W1 or W2 Certification. 80% of W3 Certification

4 Training days - boat transportation to and from dive site, afternoon workshops, theory sessions, and dry exercises put on by instructors 

2 Excursion days

Photography. Our very own Nathan Minatta will accompany us and be snapping pictures and videos that capture the group experience. If you would like some personal photographs he will definitely be able to get those as well, and they will be available at an additional cost!

Not Included

Transportation from San Diego and back. 

For those wanting to spearfish, you can go on afternoon excursions for $150/person. Anyone spearfishing will need to purchase a Costa Rica Fishing License for $56.50 which is valid for a year.

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If you have questions, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask!

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