Cabo San Lucas All Inclusive Spearfishing Trip

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Thanksgiving week 2022 Nov 19th - 26th

This November take part in our first annual trip to Cabo San Lucas.  Join us for the inaugural trip to Baja's Land's End for a week of spearfishing and freediving with fellow spearos and diving enthusiasts.  There will be reefs, depth, warm water, and PLENTY of fish to enjoy.  Our journey takes us to Los Cabos on an aquatic expedition.  The trip is spearfishing oriented as we hunt for tuna, wahoo, dorado, marlin and other pelagic fish on our blue water excursion and a variety of reef fish off the boat and from the shore.  We will also be enjoying a day at Cabo Pulmo, otherwise known as the aquarium of the world.  Occasional run-ins with turtles (including baby turtles), rays, dolphins, and even whales are highly probable!

The trip begins and ends at the Cross Border Express (CBX) in Otay Mesa.  From the moment you arrive at the CBX we have everything covered.  Airfare, lodging, transportation, visa fee, fishing license, CBX, etc....are ALL covered.  Additionally, we will also be providing a morning and evening meal Sunday through Friday along with a limited amount of adult beverages.  Essentially the only thing you have to do is show up at the CBX with your freediving gear and have a passport valid for through June 1st of 2023. Spearguns will be supplied on location, however, we can bring our own as well (this is also covered).  SPEARFISHING NOT REQUIRED.  You can AND WILL have loads of fun if you want to limit your activities to freediving the reefs.

Day 1 We cross south over the border at the CBX landbridge in Otay Mesa as a group on a direct flight to Cabo San Lucas.  Once there, we will be transported to our exclusive "Dive House" in downtown Los Cabos.  Only minutes away from the marina and our dive boats.  We will divide ourselves into 4 groups, each of which will have one of our experienced Just Get Wet crew members join them.  We will be providing a spearfishing class in the evening along with an orientation of our week.

Day 2 and 3: There will be 4 different scheduled activities we will be doing over the course of the trip:

-Blue water hunting.  This activity will take you out over deep blue water where you'll be on the hunt for tuna, wahoo, dorado, marlin and other pelagic fish.  We're counting you to shoot straight and true or else you'll find yourself having a wrangling with the ocean beasts.
-Reef Spearfishing off the boat.  We will be taking a boat along the various reefs of Cabo San Lucas.  Be ready to see a variety of fish for you to hunt.
-Reef Spearfishing from the shore.  This adventure will take us over the various reefs in and around Cabo San Lucas.  This excursion is sure to be filled with loads of colorful scenery and often presents itself with surprising opportunities for fish.
-Cabo Pulmo...Jacques Cousteau called it "the world's aquarium."  You'll see a plethora of species in these rich waters.  Big fish, small fish, blue fish and even mammals!  You read that right...a PLETHORA.

Day 4  Relaaaaaax...we're in Cabo San Lucas staying at our exclusive dive house with our own pool, deck, rooftop bar.  We'll spend the day resting and recuperating preparing for round two.

Day 5 and 6  We're back at it with the in water activities mentioned above.  Whichever 2 you did not do on days 2 and 3 you'll get to do now.

Evening of day 6: It's a Friendsgiving Celebration.  We'll toast to our wonderful experiences and feast on our fish.  It's time to celebrate.

Day 7  Our last full day in Cabo.  Enjoy the day hanging out downtown, tasting some tequila, enjoy the sights and sound of downtown Cabo.  Most importantly don't forget to pack!

Day 8  It's time to come home and apologize to all our friends and family for having such an incredible week while they were home eating turkey.  It's just like day one but in the opposite direction.  We will make sure you make it back to the American side of the CBX at Otay Mesa.  

What's included: Airfare, lodging, transportation, visa fee, fishing license, CBX, morning and evening meals Sunday through Friday; even *some booze.  
What's not included: Tattoos and negative attitudes.

*We highly discourage excessive drinking on these trips as it can and most likely WILL affect your ability to freedive and hunt fish safely. 
Receive up to $500 credited for ANY purchases done at JGW in the past 12 months.  You can pay a deposit of $500 to secure your spot now and pay the rest later. Full amount due by September 1st.  Deposits will only be returned if we are able to fill the spot. MUST CALL TO PAY DEPOSIT. ALSO NOTE THE OPTION TO CHECK OUT USING SHOPPAY TO PAY IN INSTALLMENTS.