EQ Workshop

EQ Workshop

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Join our EQ Clinic and learn to improve your equalization for freediving!

About this event 

The overwhelming majority of people who take a freediving class aren’t limited by their breath hold, they are limited by their ability to equalize at depth. For some EQ comes easy, but for the majority it's a learned skill that takes time. Depth equalization is done by using specific muscles in the head that we unknowingly use on a daily basis. In freediving we are trying to gain awareness of these muscles so that we can isolate and strengthen them. If you want to get better at something you practice! The ultimate tool to help practice equalization is the EQ Trainer.


Join us for our EQ clinic where we will discuss what equalization is for freediving, how it works, how you’re doing it, and how you can improve on it. We will go over individual issues everyone is having, offer professional knowledge/feedback, and go over some EQ exercises everyone can do using an EQ Trainer. 


This event is for all skill levels. If you have never taken a freedive class but are interested, this is a great event for you. So many of us show up to our first freedive class without any practice put in ahead of time. You might discover that your EQ needs work and because of this you are unable to dive to depth. For most people who are unable to equalize it will take them at least a week or longer to overcome, meaning they will not be able to cross off the depth requirements for the class on that weekend. By working on EQ on land before you enter the water and attempt to equalize at depth, you are gaining awareness and strengthening these muscles and it could be the one thing that makes your first freediving class a success.

This event is also for anyone who has been through a class and struggled with EQ. It can be very frustrating to be continually turned around at the same depth because EQ isn’t working. Many of us will admit defeat at this point and never return to freediving. It’s a huge task to overcome EQ issues in one weekend. We will give you the tools and exercises to gain awareness and strengthen your EQ. If you put in the effort, you will have something to show for it.  

Lastly this workshop is also great for advanced divers. Even the best freedivers in the world like Alexey Molchanov regularly use EQ trainers so that’s saying something. The EQ Trainers allow us to isolate and strengthen our EQ muscles. When it comes to deep equalization we need to be able to efficiently manipulate the air within our mouth and these EQ Trainers help you do that. By messing with tempo and different lung volumes we can turn an easy exercise into a more difficult one. Even if you’ve never had any issues with your EQ, there is still so much you can do to improve upon your current equalization.


The only thing holding you back from being able to equalize at depth is 5 minutes of practice every other day.



[If for some reason there is a change in location or time, we will let you know via email/instagram] 

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