Merlady Frolics
Merlady Frolics
Merlady Frolics
Merlady Frolics
Merlady Frolics
Merlady Frolics
Merlady Frolics
Merlady Frolics

Merlady Frolics

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MerLady Squad Unite!!!

About this event

Meet up with some awesome ocean loving ladies!

We want to create a space for women to come together and snorkel, freedive, frolic, picnic, brunch, hang out etc with an inviting and empowering community. Join us monthly to meet new lady dive buddies, find comfort in the water, have a few laughs, and of course #justgetwet ;)


La Jolla Shores. Stay tuned for updates.

Most of our updates will be via Instagram (@justgetwet_), or you can email us at


Generally we like to meet up at Kellogg Park in La Jolla for a morning snorkel/frolic followed by a potluck if conditions allow. Everyone being present by 9:30am allows us all to kick out together to explore the marine room area. We meet in the grass (look for the DiveViz canopy tent), and then after our water adventuring we like to socialize together while enjoying some shared snacks and bevies.

However, when the conditions are not in our favor we switch it up:

Winter Season

During winter, we may be doing more Mission Bay/Beach based activities for our meetups. With winter comes swell and poor visibility, but we still want to get people together, so we may be gathering for events such as documentaries, yoga, brunch, crafts, idk (STAY UPDATED VIA OUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOR EACH MONTH'S EVENT).

Yes we know this kind of defeats the snorkeling premise of the meetup, but we really want to create a fun and inviting environment for females of all sorts to come through and get involved. Personally we have a ton of lady friends who want to come out with us but are intimidated by the ocean, so sometimes its nice to just have all inclusive lady events to get all those ocean shy ladies involved and hopefully entice them into the seas at a later date! ;) Or sometimes its just nice to hang out with a bunch of cool gals!


What to Bring? (For Water Frolics)

- Yourself and your favorite ocean loving babes

- Dive gear - you're not required anything specific, what you have (or don't have) will do just fine!

- Water, sunscreen, towel, GoPro... those kind of things

- Bevies (aka dranks)

- Snacks or dish to share

- Reusable cutlery/plate

- Floaties if you so choose!


If we are not frolicking at La Jolla Shores, we will let you know ahead of time what the months designated activity is!

Updates of any sort will be shared via Instagram (@justgetwet_) or email us at Hope to see you there, we are super excited to bring more women divers into our community!

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[Not] a cult

We're not your average dive community/brand; we are a familiy of fools, built on grown friendships and shenigans. We keep it safe, but keep it fun. We are a group where you will be accepted just as you are. Welcome in.

About us

Passion project turned into running a business; funny how things work out. We have no idea what we are doing, but we know how to dive and we love the ocean; faking it 'till we make it!

What is

Our sister company DiveViz is the OG passion project. We created an app that brings you underwater dive forecasts and reports. Find dive sites, know the conditions and leave reports. See... we have a professional side to us!

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