Peak Flow [Breath]Workshop

Peak Flow [Breath]Workshop

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Please register online with Peak Flow > Click here.

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Peak Flow to offer a powerful, transformative workshop, and you’re invited to join us!

In this 4-hour workshop, you will harness your respiratory health, cold exposure resilience, and mindset training to increase your emotional, mental, and physical health. Uncover your subconscious response to stress, discover your true potential, and form habits to enhance your life! REGISTER HERE

What to expect: 

  • Peak Flow 4 Sport - Pillars: Respiratory Fitness, Mental Health, Mindset
  • Breath 101: Breathing biomechanics and respiratory fitness for athletes
  • Respiratory application – Oxygen Advantage protocols & elevation training experience
  • Combat stress organically – Tummo / Controlled Hypoxic Hypocapnic Breathwork (CHHB) experience
  • Cold exposure and mental resilience training
  • A gift to help you manage mental health and performance at home!
  • Connect with new friends and our Peak Flow community

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This workshop will be on NOVEMBER 12TH in Encinitas, CA. 

Please register online with Peak Flow > Click here. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at

Space is limited, and we expect it to fill up quickly!

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