Pool Training - Dynamic Program
Pool Training - Dynamic Program
Pool Training - Dynamic Program
Pool Training - Dynamic Program
Pool Training - Dynamic Program
Pool Training - Dynamic Program
Pool Training - Dynamic Program
Pool Training - Dynamic Program

Pool Training - Dynamic Program

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10 Week Program

If you are a certified freediver who wants to dramatically increase your ability, now is a perfect time to "build your engine" for freediving with an approach proven to increase your bottom time, allow you easy access to depth, and improve relaxation.

We think you will be amazed at your true capabilities revealed with consistent training and the depths it will lead to. In even just a couple of months, this program can permanently shift your approach and comfort level with freediving.

How to “build the engine”?

  • Have a program designed for your needs with a coach who knows your abilities

  • Permanently make shifts in your mental and physical capabilities.

  • Build your physical endurance in relation to high CO2 and low oxygen

  • Dial in the perfect technique

Why pool training?

Use the consistent 25-yard pool environment as a “magnifying glass” for your technique and progress

  • Push your apnea fitness to the next level in the absence of external conditions

  • Identify any blocks and obstacles and conquer them with your coach by your side

  • Start and end each training with measurable results and progress

  • Translate your pool training fitness into other freediving disciplines

This course is great for you if you want to build a strong foundation for your freediving. Current national champion Brady Bradshaw will guide participants through several phases of training which will enhance your capabilities and provide a template you can use any time to supplement your training. You will gain a deeper understanding of the phases of a dynamic dive, learn efficient swimming movements, relaxation techniques, and a proven training method.

You will receive trainings in person at the pool each week, plus a series of at-home trainings that you can do on your own time to build strength, CO2 tolerance, and your oxygen threshold.


Online Materials

You will receive by e-mail:

  • 1-2 strength workouts per week, adapted for those without gym access

  • 1-2 dry apnea trainings per week

  • Dietary/ Supplement recommendations for dynamic apnea

  • Once/ month Zoom Q&A session with Brady

Pool Trainings

At the beginning of the training period you will sign up for one time slot per week for pool training (Tuesday OR Thursday, 4:30pm OR 5:30pm). This will be your weekly time slot for the each of the 10 weeks.

  • Wetsuit (optional) – Recommended strongly to have access to a good wetsuit for pool training to avoid shivering during later parts of season. A 3mm surf suit works very well.

  • Fins – Longblade freediving fins and short fins (Molchanovs silicone fins are available, which are perfect for developing and perfecting your finning technique). Standard snorkel/scuba fins are acceptable for the short fins. We have fins available for rent if needed.

  • Weight belt/ neck weight – A rubber weight belt is preferred. We have weight belts available for rent if needed. Neck weights are available to sample during the course and custom neck weights are available for sale.

  • Weights – With a 3mm surf suit, 6-8lbs is typically the total weight needed and is best put together with 1-3lb weights. We have weights available for rent if needed.

  • Optional Items – If you wish to become proficient with monofin, you can purchase one and work with it during the training program.

See you in the pool!

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