June 24, 2024

Viz: 5-15'

Surf: 2-3

Water temp: 67

**Update** Coaching session this morning reported all time conditions in La Jolla! Flat surface, sunny and warm, could see the bottom plate 40' down, and the thermocline wasn't nearly as sharp as yesterday

Still very hit or miss. Yesterday La Jolla Shores was 5 to maybe 10' viz on the surface, from the shallows all the way out to the canyon. In the canyon at 20' it opened up to a good 25' or more viz, but was also chilly...67 on the surface and 59 at 50 feet. Point Loma is greenish brown, some areas off the La Jolla kelp are opening up, and the Coronado Islands have some nasty red tide. Gorgeous day out though, so there's that!