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    Founded in San Diego by freediving instructor and surfboard shaper Chris Cheezem, Just Get Wet aims to encourage people to not overthink, but to jump in and experience the awe of the ocean. 

    Chris Cheezem in his element

    This is important on many levels, starting with the individual. Just Get Wet  pertains to going big in life, pursuing our passions and living our life fully by taking risks and diving into the unknown. We express this through simple, funny, bold apparel that makes people laugh and inspires them to live their fullest life.

    Chris with freediving legend and 13x world record holder Martin Stepanek

    Even bigger than ourselves is the fact that the ocean needs to be protected, now. Unfortunately the doom and gloom facts…while valid, terrifying, and important…do not often inspire. We want to excite, to entice people to experience the ocean. Once we get them below the surface, the ocean will do the work in inspiring and creating a new tribe of ocean activists.

    Meetup divers

    We believe that in order to understand something you first must come to know it. When you understand it you will begin to care for it, and when you care for it you will begin to love it. We naturally protect the things that we love, and we want to be the gateway that creates that connection between the masses and our struggling oceans.

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