Freediving Classes

Our freediving classes provide a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for you to learn to freedive in a safe and effective way. Once you get the tools and fundamentals of freediving in the class, you have a year to pass all the requirements so don't worry about knocking everything out in one weekend. Our amazing community of freedivers is out every Sunday to train, which is a perfect opportunity for you to further hone your freediving skills.

Which Class is for me?

No matter where you are in your freediving journey, we have something that will further your skills without putting you outside your comfort zone. Here are our recommendations depending on your experience:

  • Discover Freediving Tour - You're comfortable in the water, curious about freediving, but not sure about all the certification requirements or a full on structured class. You're interested in learning and developing your skills in the 10-30 foot range, with a professional coach, and you want to explore the kelp from a boat while you're at it!
  • Discover Freediving Class (Lap 1) - You're working on your comfort in the water, want to learn about freediving in a classroom and develop skills in the pool, but not quite confident about the open ocean stuff just yet. After you get this pool certification and are ready for the open water, you can take the Beginner Freediver Class at a discount.
  • Beginner Freediver Class (Wave 1) - You're comfortable in the water, have experience snorkeling, surfing, etc, and are keen to dive into equalization, technique, and learn how to safely freedive in the future!
  • Spearfishing Classes - We have a few different options for how to start you off on your spearfishing journey. Please Click Here to see what will best fit your experience level and needs.
  • Intermediate Freediver Class (Wave 2) - You can comfortably dive to 20m/66' but at that depth you feel like you might be approaching your equalization limit, and you want to learn the keys to the deep!
  • Advanced or Master Freediver Class (Wave 3) - You can comfortably dive to 30m/101' and you're ready to take a professional level course, learn mouthfill equalization, and truly master every aspect of your freediving
  • Freediving Instructor - You can dive to 40m/132' comfortably, and are ready to pursue the dream of teaching others to freedive and sharing this incredible sport!

We also offer Coaching Sessions and highly recommend them. These are a great way to develop your skills outside a class setting. They can also be utilized to pass any remaining class requirements, prepare you for the next class, or cross over from a different agency.