Freediving Classes

Freediving Classes


      Our formal classes provide a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for you to learn how to safely and effectively freedive. Once you get the tools and fundamentals of freediving in the class, you have a year to pass all the requirements so don't worry about knocking everything out in one weekend. Our amazing community of freedivers is out every Sunday to train, which is a perfect opportunity for you to further hone your skills.

      Introduction to Freediving - get the tools to safely freedive to depths of 40-66 feet

      Intermediate Freediving - unlock depths of 80-100 feet on one breath

      Advanced Freediving - become a master of the sport. You will comfortably achieve depths of 115-132' or 34-40m and develop the skills to become a freediving professional

      ALL courses require a minimum of 2 students in order for the class to run. If the course does not meet the minimum requirement prior to 48hrs in advance, we reserve the right to cancel [rebook or refund].

      Rental gear is available for all of our classes, please add your selected gear to your cart before checking out. 

      Questions? Check out our FAQ page.