Spearfishing Classes

Where to start

Discover Spearfishing Tour - If you are comfortable snorkeling and swimming in the water, haven't gotten around to taking the full class yet, and want to learn some of the fundamentals of freediving and spearfishing this is a great 4.5 hour experience where you can learn the basics of breath work, fish ID, hunting technique, and how to use a pole spear.

Beginner Freediver - If you don't have any experience freediving or spearfishing, that's fine! But you need to learn to freedive first. It's a lot to absorb, and taking a weekend to get your freediving foundation set will pay off huge dividends in your effectiveness while spearfishing

Coronado Islands Open Party - After you have taken a Beginner Freediver class, come out to the Coronado Islands with a spearfishing guide. Do some target practice, get familiar with the gun, and hunt anywhere from 10 feet deep to 60 feet deep, there is plenty of life and lots of different structure for every level

Beginner Freediver Plus Spearfishing - We only recommend this to people who already have freediving and/or spearfishing experience but haven't taken a formal course yet, and want to pack it all in one weekend. For those who are brand new, this is too much too quick. It's day 1 and 2 of the Beginner Course, and day 3 is the Coronados Open Party. It's only $50 less than combining the other two options, but you miss out on the depth session that the Beginner Course includes.

Intermediate Freediver Plus Spearfishing - If you are comfortably diving past 20m/66' and would rather have a day of spearfishing than the second depth session, this class is for you. Email or call us and we can set up the dates.

If none of these options are what you are looking for, or you want to set up a custom offering, please Contact Us and we will set something up for you.

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