May 10th, 2024

Viz: 5-15

Swell: 2-3'

Winds: Light in the AM, 7-8kt onshore flow mid to late PM

Yesterday @bluewaterbrooke was out in the canyon and reported 3m/10' visibility which didn't open up until 23m, or 77'. Past that it was around 10m/33' hazy viz. Surface temps feeling nicer, but that is also making the thermocline feel sharp! Red tide seems to have dissipated a bit but overall it's dark and murky, and will be like that in the kelp as well. Not great conditions, unless you're looking for a certain elusive fish that loves this kind of stuff. Fortunately wind is down this AM and the swell has cooled off. Because of this we'll give it a 5-15' viz prediction, though I'd expect it to be on the lower end of that.

If anyone needs a dose of clear warm water, we're heading to La Ventana May 23-25...come run away with us!