Sunday…was such a special day. It’s both mind blowing and humbling to see how this all has evolved into what it is today. I feel like it’s cliche to say it but it truly is the people who are and have been the best part of journey. The people I’ve gotten to meet, gotten to work with, travel with, grow with, and of course dive with, I’m convinced that you all are the best group of humans in the world. 

We got to see so many of you on Sunday! We had over 30 people line diving and another 15 or 20 snorkeling, followed up with our post dive hot dogs and some fresh fish straight from the Sea of Cortez. It went off without a hitch, which is such a testament to our amazing crew and our veteran line divers who were also lending a hand.

There were so many people who didn’t know each other but the social scene went great, because freedivers are just the coolest, and I am convinced THAT is what makes all of this work. So really, from the bottom of my heart, from all of us at Just Get Wet, thank you to anyone and everyone who is or has been involved with this crazy venture, you’re making our dreams come true every time you show up!

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