This ¾ day excursion is half course and half expedition. You will learn the basics of freediving, including static breath holds, equalization, and surface rescues from professional freediving instructors, and then get to immediately put those new skills into action as you explore the amazing sea life of La Jolla. Best yet, you get to spend the day on our beautiful 32 foot boat enjoying the scenery from the ocean, rather than fighting traffic and trying to find parking!

Your trip will be led by a US Coast Guard licensed captain as well as a safety diver. All of our captains and safety divers are also freediving instructors or assistant instructors with a wealth of knowledge. Our crew is extremely well trained in providing an experience that is fun and challenging, while at the same time being comfortable and more than anything SAFE! We do not care how deep you go or how long you hold your breath…that is not what freediving is about. What we care about is showing you what you are naturally capable of, as well as the beauty of the ocean we have in our backyard. And if you do want a challenge, we are here to safely escort you deeper!

Included: rental gear, surffur parka for changing and keeping warm on the boat, water and light snacks, licensed captain, and safety diver

Required: BASIC SWIMMING ABILITY! We will have buoyant wetsuits, but not life vests, and we will be moving around on the surface and below the surface of the water so you need to know how to swim! You also need to be comfortable in the ocean, as that is where this excursion takes place.

Things to bring: towel, swimsuit, sun protection (hat/sunglasses/sunscreen)

Preparation: Make sure you are well hydrated and rested! These both have a huge impact on your breath hold has well as your ability to clear your ears. It is a long day and you will need your energy!