Chris Cringle Tells Us Why You Should Have One Under the Tree This Year

"I love the simplicity of the el pescador spearguns. This is how spearguns have been built for ages, and you will continue to see spearguns like this because they work. They are easy to load, easy to use."

"I really love roller guns, especially the HR1. A roller provides so many benefits over traditional spearguns. Because the bands are pretentioned from beneath the gun, the shaft is given propulsion all the way to the end of the gun. Because of this, a roller will always have more power and send a shaft farther than a traditional gun of equal size. Since rollers have this added power, you can get a smaller gun, making it easier to maneuver without sacrificing power. Even though a roller has added power, they have less recoil than a traditional gun. This is because the bands pull on top and below the gun. Less recoil means a more accurate gun. A more accurate gun means less missed shots and more fish on the boat."
"The HR1 is a great gun to level up for Southern California. The single roller provides easy loading so it’s great for quick action. It is the ideal setup for blue water pelagics like yellowtail and Mahi. But it’s also a powerful weapon for big reef fish like White Sea bass, snappers, groupers, and many more."

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