2BFree - Bottom Stopper
2BFree - Bottom Stopper
2BFree - Bottom Stopper
2BFree - Bottom Stopper

2BFree - Bottom Stopper

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This FREEDIVING LANYARD STOPPER elevates the safety in freediving standards. The stopper is made of polyacetal and designed to ensure the carabiner of the lanyard will not get stuck for a safe touch down each time!

The shape of the stopper was inspired by the Apollo 11 spaceship return pod, the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon and brought them safely back to the Earth. When you touch down after your freefall, your deep dive might feel a bit like a flight to the Moon and back and we wish that this small piece of equipment not only increases your safety down there, but also reminds you about that big trip and its safe return back to the surface.

The upper angled surface meant to decrease perpendicular load on the lanyard’s carabiner in case of retrieving a victim. The lower rounded (spheric) shape is designed to make it impossible for the lanyard to get stuck below.

The stopper is firmly affixed to the rope with a special locking screw. This makes it easy to install and remove if needed. So no more need for any dead knots at the rope! Another benefit is that the aerodynamic design creates minimal drag when you are pulling up the bottom weight or using a counter ballast system.

Made in Ukraine

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