La Ventana Wave 1

La Ventana Wave 1

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Take your Freediving journey to the next level with a W1 course taught in the breathtaking waters of the Sea of Cortez - La Ventana, Baja California Sur.

Online Learning

By means of online videos and a course manual, you will learn:

  • Physics and physiological basics of freediving
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Mental techniques/relaxation
  • Introduction to equalization
  • Mamalian Dive Reflex
  • Potential trauma
  • Multiple choice exam

One Pool Session

In this sessions you will learn:

  • Introductions of freediving equipment
  • Static breath holds (STA)
  • Techniques: Finning technique, body position and turns
  • Dynamic diving (DYN)
  • Introduction to Dynamic without Fins (DNF)
  • Buddy and rescue procedures

Confined Water Session

  • Introductions of techniques: Duck dives, body positioning, equalization
  • Basic safety and rescue: Buddy and rescue procedures

Open Water Session

  • Freediving techniques: Free Immersion (FIM) & Constant Weight (CWT) up to 20m depth.
    Open water session will be held in the beautiful Sea of Cortez right out the front door of La Ventana!

As a certified Freediver you will be able to meet the following requirements:

  • 1:30+ min static breath hold
  • 30m diving horizontally in the pool
  • Diving at least 12m depth in open water

Equipment requirements

  • Mask – A low volume spearfishing/freediving mask. A standard snorkel/scuba mask is OK for the Level 1 Freediver course.
  • Snorkel – A simple J. style snorkel
  • Wetsuit – 3mm open cell wetsuit
  • Fins – Longblade freediving fins. Standard snorkel/scuba fins are acceptable for the Level 1 Freediver course. We do not accept “split fins” or the full open heel and bootie style. We have fins available for rent if needed.
  • Weight belt – A rubber weight belt is preferred. A standard webbing weight belt is OK for the Level 1 Freediver course. We have weight belts available for rent if needed
  • Weights – A selection of 1lb and/or 2lb weights, most people use 5-10lbs. We have weights available for rent if needed

Throughout your course you will be instructed on what to look for when purchasing new equipment. It is not necessary to buy a new set of equipment prior to your course. However, if there is something you do need/want to purchase then please do not hesitate to call to get recommendations.

We look forward to getting out there with you!

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