Molchanovs Instructor Course - May 19 - La Ventana
Molchanovs Instructor Course - May 19 - La Ventana
Molchanovs Instructor Course - May 19 - La Ventana
Molchanovs Instructor Course - May 19 - La Ventana
Molchanovs Instructor Course - May 19 - La Ventana
Molchanovs Instructor Course - May 19 - La Ventana

Molchanovs Instructor Course - May 19 - La Ventana

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Take your freediving journey to the next level and become an instructor! We can confirm that this is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can accomplish, and the perks aren't half bad either! 

The following is based on a Wave 2 Instructor course. If you need to upgrade to Wave 3 Instructor, or want to cross over from another agency, we can do both of those so please contact us.


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The Course

Over 7 days we will have a lot to go through. While Molchanovs does have some of the most challenging performance requirements, the purpose of this course is to teach you how to teach. This includes classroom, pool, and open water sessions. In a nutshell, the class looks as follows:

Classroom  - Teaching and Knowledge Review (KR) requirements. (1) Teaching assessment (1) KR Guiding assessment (3) Online exams - Entry, Online Teaching, Final

Pool - STA and DYN teaching requirements, (1) Teaching assessment, Performance Assessments

Open Water - Teaching practice, Performance assessments, (2) Teaching assessments, Setup handling assessment


Again, the purpose of this class is to teach you how to teach, not put you through a boot camp style meat grinder. That being said there is a high level of proficiency required to become an instructor, both for your safety and the safety of your future students. It is preferred that you complete some of these requirements ahead of time. If you have a video that shows you accomplishing the requirement with instructor level technique, that will count for your course. You also have a full year to complete all of the requirements, which are listed below:


STA: 4:00 - 5:00

DNF: 60m

DYN: 100m

CWTB: 40m

FIM: 40m

CNF: 30m

Standby Rescue - 15m (1 min hang at 15m)

CO2 dive - 60s treading at surface followed by 20m dive

Blackout Rescue - 25m plus 50m tow with rescue breaths


STA: 4:00 - 5:00

DNF: 75m

DYN: 110m

CWTB: 50m

FIM: 50m

CNF: 35m

Standby Rescue - 20m (1 min hang at 20m)

CO2 dive - 60s treading at surface followed by 25m dive

Blackout Rescue - 30m plus 50m tow with rescue breaths


Must be a Molchanovs Wave 3 certified student or equivalent (PADI Master Freediver, AIDA 4, FII/PFI Level 2, etc

Active 1st Aid/CPR certification

Why Molchanovs

Molchanovs has the most complete and rigorous system we have encountered, without over complicating or adding unnecessary components to its curriculum. We have been incredibly impressed with how often they update their materials (every 2 years!) to keep up with the most current science, and how responsive they are to their community of instructors. Their focus on community, as well as the Base Training programs that they offer, truly set them apart from any other agency.

Your Instructor Trainer

This intensive course will be led by Just Get Wet founder Chris Cheezem. Chris started freediving as a youth in Florida, studied Oceanography at the Naval Academy, and after 4 years driving ships as a Surface Warfare Officer and 3 more as a Navy Dive officer, he became a freediving instructor under Martin Stepanik at FII in 2018. Over the past 5 years he has taught over 1000 students, mentored 10 instructor candidates through their certifications, assisted in 5 instructor classes, and trained with Alexey Molchanov, Adam Stern, Harry Chamas, Will Trubridge, Julien Borde, Oli Christen-Drew, and many other top freedivers and instructors throughout the world. 

Added Value from Just Get Wet

When you complete your instructor course, you are cleared to start your journey. But nothing can substitute experience. It often takes instructors years to develop their "tool kit", the techniques and approaches towards different students and their different struggles. At Just Get Wet we have anywhere between 5 and 10 experienced instructors who you can teach along side and learn from, as well as weekly line diving sessions that are incredibly valuable for developing your teaching approach. Everyone has something different that they bring as an instructor, and being able to teach alongside other instructors is one of the most valuable things you can do, and the quickest way to grow a well rounded and effective instructor. 

Course Dates and Locations

May 19-25, La Ventana (near La Paz) with Harry Chamas

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