Overnight Spearfishing Charter-Open Party
Overnight Spearfishing Charter-Open Party
Overnight Spearfishing Charter-Open Party
Overnight Spearfishing Charter-Open Party

Overnight Spearfishing Charter-Open Party

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Targeting everything from White Seabass and Yellowtail, to Calico and Sheepshead, Mahi Mahi, and of course Bluefin Tuna, this spearfishing trip will get you on the best fish that Southern California offers.

We will leave early morning on day one, look for fish on the way out, and end up at San Clemente Island for our overnight stay. The next day we can venture further out into the tuna grounds, hunt the island, hit the paddies on the way back, or a combination of all three. We will return around 8 PM on day two. It's about a 4 hour trip to the island and another 4 hours back.

Our boat 'Zenmar' has 4 bunks and a head, and food will be provided. There will be a licensed captain onboard, as well as a spearfishing guide who will assist you on your dives, provide safety, and possibly get some videos and footage of you landing your fish of a lifetime. Our shop has all the gear you will need for purchase or to rent, including guns. We will usually bring an extra gun or two on the boat for you to try if you want, and we have full tuna setups that are included.

Price is per diver, up to 3 divers

Fishing license not included

NOTE: San Clemente Island is a military base and weapons range. Our trips are dependent on their range closure schedule, which can change. We will monitor this schedule and if any issues arise we will notify you immediately.

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