Pool Training Session
Pool Training Session
Pool Training Session

Pool Training Session

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Improve your breath hold, technique, and comfort underwater in the pool, and be blown away at how this increases your depth! OPEN TO FREEDIVERS with the minimum of a LEVEL 1 POOL or OPEN WATER CERTIFICATION

This is a 1 hour long pool training session with a certified freediving instructor or assistant instructor who will provide a pool training workout and coach you through it. The workouts will be tailored to your specific needs and level, all you need to do is show up with your gear!

Diving deep is what most of us as freedivers want to achieve, but depth training can have some challenges. The conditions in San Diego are challenging especially with cold water and low visibility, and swells and rain can make it difficult to be consistent. In addition to this, there are some injuries that can occur due to training at depth so it's essential to take it slow.

Pool training is incredible because of the consistency and the low risk of injury. In the pool you can really push yourself without worry...I like to train hard in the pool so that I can enjoy the ocean dives...my depth sessions aren't as much me pushing myself as they are seeing how the pool training is naturally paying off. In the pool you will come face to face with the urge to breath very often, and the more comfortable you get with that sensation the more you will be able to relax through it. This is the most essential component to diving deep!

Training Code Packs can be purchased in packs of 5 (-10%) or packs of 10 (-25%) to get extra savings!  Codes will be sent via email shortly after purchasing.

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Wetsuit (optional) – Recommended strongly to have access to a good wetsuit for pool training to avoid shivering during later parts of season. A 3mm surf suit works very well.

Fins – Molchanovs silicone fins are available at the shop, which are perfect for developing and perfecting your finning technique. Standard snorkel/scuba fins are acceptable for the short fins.

Weight belt/ neck weight – A rubber weight belt is preferred. We have weight belts available for rent if needed. Neck weights are available to sample during the course and custom neck weights are available for sale.

Weights – With a 3mm surf suit, 6-8lbs is typically the total weight needed and is best put together with 1-3lb weights. We have weights available for rent if needed.

See you in the pool!

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