2BFree - Float/Buoy
2BFree - Float/Buoy

2BFree - Float/Buoy

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This is an amazing freediving buoy. It raises the standards of buoys to a completely new level for use in open water activities. It is constructed of high-quality PVC and incorporates a PVC inner tube. It is even the perfect size — 73 cm (29”).

The 2BFREE freediving buoy is our crowning achievement. This is because of its unique quality, stability, and simplicity in how to use it in and out of the water. Not to mention its sleek design!

It is made from strong and extra-durable water-resistant PVC material. The top-notch YKK anti-corrosion zipper is made for long term usage, no matter how extreme the conditions are.

Inside the buoy, there is enough space for over 100 m/383 ft of rope (10 mm/4” thick). There are also special holes on the bottom of the buoy to immediately drain the water. This comes in handy so you don’t have to tip over and spill out the rope and everything else inside.

The buoy also has 16 soft ergonomic grips. The handles are on the top and bottom to allow you to handle it with ease and comfort. This is not only there for transport, but when you breathe up and are in your relaxation phase before you dive. This level of comfort is external on those chilly, windy days.

The buoy has a perfect diameter at 73 cm/29” and a height of 18 cm/7” while still being very lightweight at only 2.25 kg/ 5 lb. It can be easily inflated by mouth, but we also include a car pump adapter if you are feeling a bit tired. As safety is a major concern in diving we include a diver flag. In case an issue arises, which happens to us all we have also included a repair kit.

Other major components on the buoy are a stainless steel D-ring underneath, made for attaching carabiners and the rope. The buoy also has 4 YKK D-rings on the sides and 1 inside the buoy to allow the attachment to other buoys. This is great for freediving school and warms up buoys in competition.

Made in Ukraine

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