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Come with us and learn how to comfortably explore the under water world with freedom and relaxation, on one breath! 

You will learn the basics of freediving and be able to immediately apply them in the pool, as well as at La Jolla Shores. Numbers aren't the focus for this class, there are no performance requirements or certifications, it's all about getting you comfortable in the water, familiar with your natural capabilities, and more than anything having fun!

The class is broken up into three sections over a day and a half.


    Day 1, 8AM - 11:30AM

    In this section you will learn how freediving works, and why humans are capable of diving to great depths. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as how to clear your ears when you dive.

      Pool Session

      Day 1, 1:30PM - 4:30PM

      In this sessions you will become familiar with freediving equipment such as mask snorkel and fins, you will learn how to hold your breath in a relaxed and safe way, and you will practice swimming underwater with long fins. Our freediving instructors understand this might be the first time you've done anything like this, and will tailor the instruction and exercises to your personal needs.

        Open Water Session

        Day 2, 8AM - 11AM

        We will have a shallow dive session starting in about 20 feet of water. You will learn how to efficiently start a dive, how to clear your ears, and how to rescue a buddy if something goes wrong. After that, there is an option to swim down to the Marine Room where we'll have the chance to see all sorts of underwater life including Turtles, Leopard Sharks, Rays, and all sorts of fish!

          Our local group of freedivers will usually be hanging out for a cookout after the class, this is a great opportunity to get plugged into our amazing community!

          Schedule (typically on weekends, but also available on weekdays)

          • Saturday 8AM - 11:30AM
            • Classroom
            • Just Get Wet HQ, Mission Beach
          • Saturday 1:30PM - 4:30PM
            • Pool Session
            • The Plunge, Mission Beach
          • Sunday 8AM - 11AM Open Water Session
            • Diving!
            • La Jolla Shores

          Equipment requirements

          Almost everything can be rented from Just Get Wet! There will be time Friday evening to rent gear for the weekend, total cost is around $80. You will need to pick up your gear prior to class and drop it off afterwords.

          Mask – A low volume spearfishing/freediving mask is preferred, but a standard snorkel/scuba mask will work just fine.

          Snorkel – A simple J. style snorkel

          Wetsuit  This is your most important piece of equipment. For San Diego, it’s highly recommended to have a 5mm proper spearfishing or freediving two piece, open cell inner/nylon outer suit. If you don’t have access to this suit, then a very well fitting 5mm full neoprene suit, preferably with a hood is OK. A proper freediving suit will positively influence your course experience. We offer freediving wetsuit rentals, and you will have time between the classroom and pool portion to rent one if needed. 

          Surf Suit - 3mm wetsuit recommended for the pool session. We do not have these for rent, but there are shops in the are that do

          Fins – Longblade freediving fins or standard snorkel/scuba fins. We have fins available for rent if needed.

          Weight belt – A rubber weight belt is preferred. We have weight belts available for rent if needed

          Weights – A selection of 2lb to 4lb weights for a total of 12lbs. We have weights available for rent if needed