Gannet Bluewater Spearfishing Float - 75
Gannet Bluewater Spearfishing Float - 75

Gannet Bluewater Spearfishing Float - 75

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The Gannet 75 Bluewater Float is a true leap forward in float design and construction. The 75 is our most versatile float in our Bluewater seres, able to subdue the biggest pelagics and still finesse an Ono into the cooler.  Robust and ready for the worst the bluewater can dish out. Highly reinforced, puncture and abrasion resistant. 29 PSI for true structural stability at 2 ATM (please Use a certified pressure gauge to assure the correct PSI). Internal architecture keeps the sides flat at pressure to negate roll both in the water and on the deck, also allowing the float to skim the surface instead of dragging, you will barely know its behind you while diving.  Plenty of hand holds and an integrated flare pocket.  Optional dive flag.  Comes with inflator adaptor, pressure gauge and safety whistle. 


36"x12"x6" (91.5x30.5x15cm)
5.25 pounds (2.4 kilograms)
Max pressure:
29 PSI (2 bar)
75 pounds (34 kilograms)

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