Intermediate Freediving Crossover
Intermediate Freediving Crossover
Intermediate Freediving Crossover
Intermediate Freediving Crossover
Intermediate Freediving Crossover
Intermediate Freediving Crossover
Intermediate Freediving Crossover
Intermediate Freediving Crossover
Intermediate Freediving Crossover
Intermediate Freediving Crossover

Intermediate Freediving Crossover

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3 Days, plus 1 open water session ahead of time. These will be scheduled on a 1 on 1 basis through the email address.


This course is for those who have spent significant time freediving, are comfortable diving to 50 feet and below, and want to take their skills to the next level while learning the most effective safety techniques. Instead of requiring you to take our Introduction to Freediving class, we will have 1 depth session with you ahead of time to make sure you have all the skills and capabilities required to pass an Intermediate course. 

When we reach the weekend of the intermediate course, we will teach you how to train your body for freediving and upgrade relevant skills such relaxation, equalization, and finning techniques. You will gain knowledge about how to dive deeper and will be introduced to the most fun part of freediving: Free fall! You get to experience what it's like to stop working and start surrendering. No more kicking, no more pulling, and definitely no fighting… Your only work is to relax more and let the ocean pull you deeper. This course includes one classroom session, one pool session and two open water sessions. 



1 line diving session scheduled via

Ability to comfortably dive to a depth of 50'

Ability to swim 25m underwater with no fins


Friday: 1700-1900
Online Materials Classroom Review
Just Get Wet HQ, 3719 Mission Blvd, San Diego CA

Saturday: 0645-0930
Pool instruction (statics, dynamics, technique)
The Plunge in Mission Beach

Saturday: 1230-1500
Open water diving (skills, safety)
La Jolla Shores

Sunday: 0800-1100
Open water diving (depth!)
La Jolla Shores

Online Learning Curriculum:

  • History of freediving
  • Frenzel equalization
  • Introduction to air control: Reverse packs or grouper calls
  • Preventing potential traumas
  • Effects of depth
  • Written exam

Pool Learning Curriculum:

  • Additional equipment
  • Improvements of techniques
  • Dynamic swimming (55M)
  • Buddying and rescue procedures (repetition)
  • Improving Dynamic No Fins (DNF) technique (35m)
  • Introduction to the monofin technique

Open Water Curriculum:

  • Improvement of equalization: Frenzel technique
  • Usage of lanyards
  • Free fall technique
  • Further safety and rescue: Rescue from 15+m
  • Introduction to Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) to 15m
  • Application of air control (Grouper Call and Reverse Packing)
  • Improve your relaxation while focusing on your freediving technique

As a certified Level 2 freediver you will be able to meet the following requirements:

  • 2:30+ min Static Breath Hold (STA)
  • 55+m Dynamic With Fins (DYN)
  • 35+m Dynamic No Fins (DNF)
  • 24 – 30m CWT and FIM in the open water
  • 15m Constant Weight No Fins (CNF)
  • Free fall technique

Required Gear:

We have all the gear you will need for this course available for you to rent (with the exception of ear plugs and a dive watch). You will have the option to add rental gear to your order at checkout. If you would like to rent any gear, please show up 30 minutes early to the first day of class to make sure your gear fits properly. It is your responsibility to pick up your gear ahead of time and drop it off at the shop after the completion of the class, which the shop staff will instruct you on.

Mask – A low volume spearfishing/freediving mask. A standard snorkel/scuba mask is OK for the Level 1 Freediver course.

Snorkel – A simple J. style snorkel

Wetsuit – This is your most important piece of equipment. For San Diego, it’s highly recommended to have a 5mm proper spearfishing or freediving two piece, open cell inner/nylon outer suit. If you don’t have access to this suit, then a very well fitting 5mm full neoprene suit, preferably with a hood is OK. A proper freediving suit will positively influence your course experience. You will need your wetsuit for the pool and the open water portion. You may also bring an additional surf wetsuit for the pool if you would rather keep your diving wetsuit dry for the open water sessions.

Fins – Longblade freediving fins. Standard snorkel/scuba fins are acceptable for the Level 1 Freediver course. We do not accept “split fins” or the full open heel and bootie style.

Weight belt – A rubber weight belt is preferred.

Weights – A selection of 1lb and/or 2lb weights, most people use 5-10lbs.

Freediving Computer – Something that can record your depth. We will go over setting alarms, meeting a buddy at depth, and proper surface intervals. If you do not have a dive watch that is ok, please bring a watch that can keep time.

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