Multi Day Offshore Spearfishing Trip (2.5 days)

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Join us for a weekend of offshore hunting with Captain Bly of Captain Bly Spearguns and Lineage Charters as our host. With two full days of hunting, we will travel up to 120 miles offshore in search of large pelagic fish, including the sought after Blue Fin Tuna. This is one of the best opportunities to land a fish like this due to the range of the boat, the decades of experience our captain brings, and the new side scan sonar that he just installed on his boat. If the fish are out there, Bly will find them.

A certified freediving instructor will accompany you on this trip, providing feedback and guidance regarding your technique and answering any questions you may have about freediving and spearfishing. 

We meet at the boat at 8PM on the Friday you're booking for and will return around 8AM on that coming Monday. What happens at sea, stays at sea... except fish, we aim to bring fish back ;)

Caliornia and Mexican Fishing licenses are both required.

Free to bring any type of beverage you would like wine, Beer, soda, etc. We will always provide water, Random soft drinks and light beer. On these longer trips all meals will be provided for you and snacks.