Pathos Laser Open Pro
Pathos Laser Open Pro

Pathos Laser Open Pro

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Laser Open Pro

Designed for experienced spearos, the Laser Open Pro is a lightweight and powerful railgun. It’s compact, minimal, hydrodynamic, very maneuverable and offers the best aiming view.

Anatomic handle D’Angelo II low profile with  new stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism adds extra 7cm of loading length and shaped grip in white color that fits in every spearo’s right hand. Available also with left-hand or universal grip.

Open muzzle‘s single socket hosts two circular rubber bands.

It comes with a Ø 6.75mm Sandvik, shark-fin shaft with a single barb and a tri-cut point.

Ergonomic design, standard loading pad, reel base, 2 x Ø 16.0mm black over amber bands with dyneema wishbone for supreme power. From lengths 120cm and above the rubbers is XP.


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