Pool Training Session
Pool Training Session

Pool Training Session

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Improve your breath hold, technique, and comfort underwater in the pool, and be blown away at how this increases your depth! OPEN TO FREEDIVERS with the minimum of a LEVEL 1 POOL or OPEN WATER CERTIFICATION

Diving deep is what most of us as freedivers want to achieve, but depth training can have some challenges. The conditions in San Diego are challenging especially with cold water and low visibility, and swells and rain can make it difficult to be consistent. In addition to this, there are some injuries that can occur due to training at depth so it's essential to take it slow.

Pool training is incredible because of the consistency and the low risk of injury. In the pool you can really push yourself without worry...I like to train hard in the pool so that I can enjoy the ocean dives...my depth sessions aren't as much me pushing myself as they are seeing how the pool training is naturally paying off. In the pool you will come face to face with the urge to breath very often, and the more comfortable you get with that sensation the more you will be able to relax through it. This is the most essential component to diving deep!

We train at The Plunge in Mission Beach (part of FIT Athletic MB). I will run you through the workout and provide coaching. The workouts are part of the Molchanovs Base Training system, literally written by the top freedivers in the world and modified for every level of diver. 

Please bring goggles or a mask, fins, and 1-4lbs on a weight belt (coated weights preferred in 1-2lb increments). The pool is 81 degrees so you shouldn't need a wetsuit, but maybe a rash guard if anything.

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