SPORT Bifins Blades 3 Fiberglass - Molchanovs
SPORT Bifins Blades 3 Fiberglass - Molchanovs
SPORT Bifins Blades 3 Fiberglass - Molchanovs
SPORT Bifins Blades 3 Fiberglass - Molchanovs

SPORT Bifins Blades 3 Fiberglass - Molchanovs

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Keep your kicks effortless yet effective with the power of long fiberglass blades and the comfort of SPORT Silicone Foot Pockets.

The Molchanovs SPORT Bifins Blades 3 Fiberglass strike the optimal balance between performance and value, making them ideal for freedivers who train, teach, and fun dive in the pool and open water. Updates include a new blade-layering pattern for more efficient finning, size-graded stiffness for balance, and a rounded blade angle for durability. Blades can be paired with standard-size SPORT Silicone Foot Pockets and can easily be disassembled for travel or swapped out for carbon blades.

Premium fiberglass blades
Premium 100% UHC fiberglass is more durable than carbon fiber blades and gives you flexibility and feedback from each kick, creating the optimal balance between performance and value.

Updated blade-layering pattern

Blades are consistently fine-tuned to be low-effort and high-propulsion, integrating our expertise in amateur and professional freediving athletes with our education system. The layering near the foot pocket now gives you a smoother and softer kick than previous fiberglass blade models.

Size-graded stiffness
Blade sizes now vary with stiffness so that length matches resistance. Soft blades are a little shorter for added maneuverability, while stiffer blades are longer for more balanced propulsion.

Rounded blade angle
The updated 28° blade angle now features a smoother and softer curve, adding another layer of durability to this critical area of the blade.

Easy assembly
Assembling foot pockets to the blades takes only minutes, making it easier than ever to switch to a new pair of foot pockets or upgrade to a new blade.

Minimalistic design
The new design is sporty and fierce while keeping the signature Molchanovs minimalism and style. Fiberglass blades are glossy black - choose from 6 bold accent colors.

  • Materials:
    • Premium 100% UHC fiberglass
    • Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant silicone
    • Plastic mounting plates to mount the blade
  • Improved blade-layering system for more propulsion with less effort
  • Smoother and more gradual blade angle for added durability
  • Size-graded blade stiffness ensures that the blade’s length matches its resistance
    • Soft: Reduced blade length for effortless maneuverability
    • Medium: Extended blade length for balanced propulsion

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