Surf fur - surf check hoodie

Surf fur - surf check hoodie

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Experience ultimate warmth, protection, and versatility with the SurfCheck Hoodie. Made with our proprietary three-layer fabric, it's windproof, waterproof, and breathable. Wear it under our Waterparka or on its own for unmatched comfort. With taped seams, soft lining, and convenient pockets, it's perfect for any occasion.

Key Features

•    Windproof & waterproof to shield you from the elements
•    Made with breathable materials ensuring optimal airflow
•    Durable construction that is resilient in rough weather
•    Brushed soft fleece offers a cozy and plush feel
•    Quick-drying properties have you ready for adventure
•    Designed to provide protection and style wherever you go

Material & Sustainability

•    100% Recycled Polyester bonded fleece with wind and waterproof layer inside.
•    2-way stretch high-quality material for exceptional   performance.
•    Sustainable choice, reducing reliance on petroleum and minimizing pollution
•    Minimizes water and air pollution compared to virgin polyester fleece
•    Helps reduce landfill waste through responsible garment care
•    Promotes a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle

The Fit:

  • It should be snug around the hips and chest.
  • It was designed to be snug to keep body heat in and it was meant to be layered under your Waterparka.
  • This item is true to size for men.
  • This is a stretch material and will stretch outwards

The Fabric:

  • This is a one way stretch recycled polyester fleece. It's made of recycled plastics therefore, smells and stains will not stay on it permanently
  • It is a bonded fleece so care is needed when washing it 

The Care:

  • Do not use fabric softener or any laundry soap with oils in it. The fabric will separate
  • Wash in cold water, express cycle and hang dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry in the sun. It will fade

The Materials:

  • Made from 100% recycled plastics        

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