White Seabass Tee
White Seabass Tee

White Seabass Tee

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The legendary Grey Ghost has earned it's reputation as the most elusive, skittish fish that populates the kelp in California's waters. Divers will go years without seeing them, and some dedicate their lives to understanding and hunting them. And the hunt is not easy. They love cold and murky water. Every movement has to be pure stealth...no bubbles, no brushing against the kelp, no sounds, slow movements...and when that shadow finally does appear in front of you, you have half a second to pull the trigger or it is gone. It's an awe inspiring fish that is full of lore, and we wanted a shirt that would embody that. Robby Smolen and Craig Horky brought all of this to life perfectly with the embodiment of Gandalf the Grey, and now in our WSB hunts as the cold eats away at our souls we will hear "YOU SHALL NOT LAST!"

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We're not your average dive community/brand; we are a familiy of fools, built on grown friendships and shenigans. We keep it safe, but keep it fun. We are a group where you will be accepted just as you are. Welcome in.

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