Group Line Diving Session
Group Line Diving Session
Group Line Diving Session
Group Line Diving Session

Group Line Diving Session

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This is a 2-3 hour freediving training session that is perfect for certified freedivers to work on their form and improve their depth. This is also for divers who have taken a class but still have a few things to work on  in order to pass. Please bring proof of certification, and if you are doing a make up please contact us ahead of time.

We will meet at Kellogg Park in La Jolla Shores. Feel free to bring your gear out to the park, we usually change out there and leave our bags. After we're all dressed out we will kick out to the canyon and do some diving! It's usually a 10-15 minute swim out to the canyon and then we spend a good hour or two training.


We will have floats and lines for you to dive on, but you will need to have the rest of your gear.


Conditions - 

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NOTE: you do need to have a freediving certification in order to participate. One of the big values of this group is that everyone is properly trained in safety procedures, which creates a secure environment for all of our divers to train and progress in. Please bring proof of your certification with you

**COVID-19 has changed our world and we are doing our best to adapt. Proper freediving safety requires the safety/buddy to be within arms reach of the diver when they surface. This clearly goes against social distancing practices, so we are temporarily modifying our protocols. Our new standard is for the safety to give the diver space when they resurface, being fully ready to engage if a blackout or LMC occurs. We realize that this is imperfect on a lot of levels and completely understand if these practices are uncomfortable for you...and if that's the case, we ask that you stay home and as safe as you feel is right! If you do feel comfortable with these we encourage you to join us, as long as you are feeling 100% healthy. We're beyond excited to get the ball rolling again, but please help us be smart about it and not cause any unnecessary risk to ourselves or others**

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