Surf Survival Course

Surf Survival Course

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Designed by big wave surfer Ricardo Urbina and former Navy Dive Officer Chris Cheezem, our program provides survival skills, strategies, and tools to surfers, SUPers, kayakers, kite surfers, and other water enthusiast who may encounter high-risk surf conditions. This is also a great prep course for military programs such as dive school and BUDS.

Utilizing expertise and best practices from certified instructors and consultants on big wave surfing, freediving, and Navy Diving, this comprehensive program has been developed to help participants train both their mind and their body to safely and confidently respond, adapt, and mitigate risk in the water.

The course provides in depth instruction on both the technical and practical components of breath holding exercises. Participants will learn how to prepare, relax, train, and develop longer breath holds and then apply the benefits of this skill development to both personal and rescue situations.

During this dynamic two-day program participants will engage in both classroom and pool environments, learning and practicing:

· Apnea

· Breathing training techniques for both in and out of the pool

· Safety

· Static Apnea

· Dynamic Apnea

· Stressed Apnea

· Surviving wipe outs

· Risk management and emergency action plans

· Rescue skills



Classroom (2.5 Hours) Friday 5PM - 7:30PM at Just Get Wet in Mission Beach

This section of the course will focus on the physiology of apnea and breath holding. Session objectives include:

· Developing an understanding of how our body responds to higher level of CO2 in the system

· Identifying symptoms of hypoxia

· Understanding safety precautions and protocols when training in and out of the water

· Practicing dry apnea exercises including C02 and 02 tables


Pool Saturday 7AM - 9AM, 11AM - 1PM at The Plunge, Mission Beach

This session will provide participants an opportunity to apply course knowledge in a pool environment under the guidance of our coaching staff. Participants will:

· Practice safety and rescue drills

· Complete a variety of apnea workouts.

· Simulate real situations in a controlled environment using a partner/buddy system.


Be ready to have fun and expand your boundaries and your comfort zone.

What to Bring:

Swimsuit, 5mm surf suit or equivalent, goggles (the pool is heated but a lot of these exercises don't generate any body heat, so students get cold in a 3mm suit)

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