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Through a lifetime of contact sports and military training I developed a "no pain no gain" mindset, which was helpful on the rugby pitch or at Navy Dive School, but created major issues with my freediving. Enduring frustrating blocks, plateaus, and even injuries, I sought out the best in the sport for answers. Working with Alexey Molchanov, Adam Stern, Harry Chamas, Martin Stepanek, Matt Devault, Julien Borde, Oli Christen, and many others, I gained heaps of knowledge that I was able to apply to my own training, and the hundreds of students I have taught since 2018. 

Our culture puts the highest value on progress and performance...but the only way to really improve in freediving is to remove the focus from those areas. By prioritizing relaxation, new depths will naturally be reached. This relaxation is the result of repetition, patience, and awareness.

I truly believe freediving is the fountain of youth. It has transformed my life in so many ways and I love nothing more than the opportunity to share that with others.


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[Not] a cult

We're not your average dive community/brand; we are a familiy of fools, built on grown friendships and shenigans. We keep it safe, but keep it fun. We are a group where you will be accepted just as you are. Welcome in.

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Passion project turned into running a business; funny how things work out. We have no idea what we are doing, but we know how to dive and we love the ocean; faking it 'till we make it!

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Our sister company DiveViz is the OG passion project. We created an app that brings you underwater dive forecasts and reports. Find dive sites, know the conditions and leave reports. See... we have a professional side to us!

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